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The information about The Bielsko-Biala Cultural Center - English Version

The information about The Bielsko-Biała Cultural Center



The municipal cultural institution honoured with the award of “Platynowy Laur” in 2001, given to outstanding companies and institutions for their expertise and competence.

Director of Bielsko-Biala Cultural Centre: Małgorzata Chełchowska-Rak Associate director, head accountant: Zofia Górny


Our tax reference number: NIP: 547-004-60-60 REGON: 070400268

Our bank account number: 68 1240 4142 1111 0000 4823 7109 Our address: 43-300 Bielsko-Biała, ul. J. Słowackiego 27

Telephone numbers:

(33) 828-16-40 – secretariat

(33) 828-16-45, (33) 828-16-55, 512 265 535 - tickets, reservations (from Monday to Friday- 8.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.) online reservations our email: bck@bck.bielsko.pl our website: (you are here):www.bck.bielsko.pl

Relative websites: http://www.jazzowajesien.pl http://www.fkpbb.pl http://http:www.sacruminmusica.pl


(33) 828-16-42, (33) 828-16-52 - Legal and Administrative Department

(33) 828-16-43 - Visual artist, Gallery of Creative Environments,

Chamber Orchestra of Bielsko-Biała (33) 828-16-44 - Accounts

(33) 828-16-46 - Technical Department

(33) 828-16-47 – Department of Administration

(33) 828-16-48 – Café (33) 828-16-49 – Reception

(33) 828-16-62 - Groups and bands of the Centre




Festivals organised by Centre

I. Dom Muzyki BCK, ul. Słowackiego 27, Bielsko-Biała


Key characteristics of our concert Hall: - air-conditioning - 624 seats


- Steinway concert pianos - organ Organ disposition
- stage lighting and sound equipment - Pearl drum set, timpani - wall screen: screen 3.5 X 2.5 m, projector, computer, DVD ( there is a possibility of front and rear projection) - dressing rooms equipped according to the artists’ requirements The Concert Hall


Dressing rooms

Concert piano





2. Cafe/the showroom lounge and the hall:

- intimate concerts, trainings, meetings, wedding receptions, proms, New Year’s Eve parties- up to 200 people - the possibility of organizing displays - air-conditioning - spacious entrance hall- can be used as a showroom, ball room or advertising space) - the possibility of car presentations inside

Bielskie Centrum Kultury organizes. (The food is prepared on the spot):
- caterings for the artists - banquets (up to 500 people) - wedding receptions - receptions

There is a modern kitchen at our disposal. We provide professional cuisine services and staff.
At the disposal: - tableware for 500 people, roll bars, chafing dishes - fully equipped modern refreshment room - automatic coffee maker- various types of coffee - automatic hot chocolate maker
Caterings sample menu


3. The conference hall:

- cinema setting- 40 people - setting with tables- 30 people - audio visual facilities - air-conditioning It is an intimate hall and can be used for small receptions and banquets.
Dom Muzyki has its own parking lot for 150 cars.


II Sound equipment and services

We possess the most modern sound equipment for the organization of both intimate and big outdoor events.

Sound system specification


III Portable sheltered stage


Physical characteristics: 11 m (width) x 10 m (depth) x 7 m (height)

Stage construction: adjustable floor level- from 20 cm to 120 cm
Black side curtains



IV Generators


nominal power- 320 KVA continuous power- 220 KVA tension- 400V/230V frequency- 50 Hz- tolerance 0,25% socket outlets: 6x32A, 2x63A, 2x125A single phase sockets- 230 V


V Outdoor events area


Bielsko-Biała, the area of Pod Dębowcem, Karbowa Street



- fenced area - 2,000 square meters - 1,250 square meters- sheltered area - 1,000 square meters- green area, hardened - possibility of erecting a stage (10x20 square meters) under the shelter - dressing rooms behind the stage - next to the stage there is a wooden house with 3 dressing rooms and 2 toilets - distribution transformer next to the stage (the amount of electrical power in accordance with the stage performance requirements) - water and electricity supply for trade - unsheltered area is illuminated by special lights



VI The Coach – Mercedes-Benz Tourismo RHD:


- number of seats- 49+2+1 - Euro 5 - air-conditioning - buffet - toilet - DVD (2 monitors 19’’) - production year: 2009